Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wrapping up Summer

Fall is most definitely in the air tonight and I'm ready for it! It's been such an amazing summer. 

Life slowed down and I got to really enjoy the warmer months - I got to swim in lakes, visit the island, take trips, wine and dine, make pickles and relax with my loved ones! But I'm ready to buckle down and transition into fall. I just started a new job which is why things are sort of slow around here. I'm working for a company that I am really excited to be apart of and I feel nervous, excited and seriously under-slept! Wish me luck xx

Friday, 2 August 2013

Painting tips

When I started caring about the way my home looked and drawing inspiration from home decor websites and magazines, I ran into a big problem. I started hating everything about my house. I looked at my beige walls, drab furniture, lack of architectural detail and clutter and couldn't see my decor vision ever happening within my own walls. I convinced myself I had to move out. Now I'm SO glad I didn't. I've learned every single space can be better and more functional than it already is and you don't need a lot of money, a car, tons of time or a new apartment lease to make it happen.

One thing that I love and hate about decorating is that it's never really done. For example, I haven't had a lampshade on my bedside table for two years. I've got a blaring 60 watt lightbult and no lampshade. Decorating is an evolving process and little steps over time lead to transformed spaces.

So lets start with the easiest thing to change...



If you hate the colour of your walls, paint them! Check out the mistins - the mistake paint cans that can be found on the floor of any paint store. Get the person working the cash to open up the tin so you can see the color. Sometimes they are only 10 bucks but I still suggest you ask for a sample to take home before committing.

With any paint you put on your walls (except for white - i don't believe in the "different shades of white" thing) do a little test swatch first. Paint a bit on a white wall and observe your pick at different points in the day cause it might look peach in the morning and beigy brown at night.

If you have a specific color in mind another way to save money is to go to walmart and "color match". This is where you pick a color on a benjamin moore swatch for example, take it to walmart and they can produce the exact color with their generic no name but just as good paint. It will end up being half the price of going to a para or benjamin moore paint store.

I've known for a while I'm going to color match this blue color in at Walmart. Its Stillness by Valspar. (photo source)

Another way to save money is to skip primer. If you're painting over walls that are already a light colour (like yellow, beige, light green, grey) primer is an unnecessary step. Just do at least 2 coats of the paint. If you're painting colorful walls white, primer is a must.

If you want to paint your walls white you can get a gallon at Roblotts on Adelaide Street for like 18 bucks. I usually get a gallon per room and if I need more I'll go back.

Take care of your painting supplies! You can reuse rollers, paint trays and brushes for a long time. Just wash them out in your bathtub as soon as you're done painting. If you have to spread out your painting over a few days you can wrap all of your painting supplies in a garbage bag (the paint tray, rollers and brushes) and refrigerate them. They will last in your fridge for weeks and the paint won't dry out your brushes or roller.

One mistake I made was to expect paint to do all the work. I wanted a vintage looking kitchen so I painted the walls seafoam green. And after I painted I was disappointed when the kitchen didn't look kitschy just seafoam green. Once we got an old school formica table and diner chairs the color looked just right. If you want your house to be minimalist for example, painting the walls white isn't enough. You have to declutter and choose minimalist pieces to complete the look.

Just do it. Painting a room can take a day and it's something you can do by yourself. I swears.

(source)  Last two pics found on Random Acts of Pastel's Pinterest