Saturday, 29 March 2014

March Highlights

Holy heck, where did March go? It has been an amazing month that started with a bang when I got the news that I've been hired to work at an amazing lodge in Banff this summer. Such a dream come true and something I've had my fingers crossed over for months. I'll be serving in the fine dining restaurant looking out on these big beautiful mountains, and turquoise waters.

March has been good to me. I found myself with more free time to work on learning photography, write articles, exercise, hang out with friends, go for walks and do all those things that enrich life. Free time means shucking oyters for the first time in a year and taking a trip to the wonderful Dillon's Distillery, something I've been wanting to do since the summer!

The thrift gods blessed me with this amazing mid-century unit that I found on the street on my walk home from work.

Mike and I also got to go to the MadeWithLove cocktail competition in Toronto to do a review for She Does the City (check out the article LINK HERE.) Turns out we really like working these events! He got so many great pictures. We've been having conversations lately about going into business together with a focus on his photography and my writing and styling. I think we make a pretty great brother sister team :) 

Happy spring guys! 

Friday, 14 March 2014

The Late Bloomer

Hello again! Heres the latest cocktail for She Does the City (LINK HERE). This is my favourite one yet! My parents dropped off like 50 grapefruits to my house a few weeks ago, so I guess that was the "jumping off" ingredient for this delicious cocktail. 

Things with me are very good right now! The shoot is shot on my new Canon D60 that I bought off of craiglist. Man, I love craiglist. I probably saved about $600 getting the body and lens used. Yay, deals! This week I start an online photgraphy course by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. I'm really excited to learn this camera inside and out. Until then, I am lucky to have my insanely talented brother Michael Morris do the photography (LINK to his blog HERE)

SECRET of this post

I wanted to start telling you guys a little secret about each post on my blog here. Because so much of what you see here is fabricated and "styled" and I'm learning a lot of tricks along the way. What is this weeks secret? Check out the bottle of St Germain, above. Think its the delicious elderflower liquor? No, think again. It's the bottle (which I finished), filled with vegetable oil! You would NEVER know, amiright? A vodka company Luksusowa sent me a bottle of liquor to use in my next shoot! I am so grateful. My bar is seriously running low! If you're interested in sponsoring a post, I'm alllllll ears. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

When It's Dark and Stormy Make a Dark and Stormy

My brother is the photographer of this cocktail series (Mike Morris - and he was getting really sick of shooting with a white background. Personally, I love it but I'm glad he challenged me to switch it up. I painted a piece of wood black and held it up the whole time, in our makeshift studio (living room). It was tricky because it's pretty important for me to be able to move things around and switch up whatever isn't working. I will be experimenting with new backgrounds in the coming weeks! 

The day after the shoot we lost heat in our apartment and just got it back last night (6 whole days folks!) It was a dreary and wildly inconvenient time. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel - literally, am daylights saving this sunday! Along with the longer brighter days, I'm going to be brightening up the cocktails. Think tiki drinks with lots of citrus and fruity goodness! And sorry Mike, but we're going back to the white background for next week!