Wednesday, 5 March 2014

When It's Dark and Stormy Make a Dark and Stormy

My brother is the photographer of this cocktail series (Mike Morris - and he was getting really sick of shooting with a white background. Personally, I love it but I'm glad he challenged me to switch it up. I painted a piece of wood black and held it up the whole time, in our makeshift studio (living room). It was tricky because it's pretty important for me to be able to move things around and switch up whatever isn't working. I will be experimenting with new backgrounds in the coming weeks! 

The day after the shoot we lost heat in our apartment and just got it back last night (6 whole days folks!) It was a dreary and wildly inconvenient time. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel - literally, am daylights saving this sunday! Along with the longer brighter days, I'm going to be brightening up the cocktails. Think tiki drinks with lots of citrus and fruity goodness! And sorry Mike, but we're going back to the white background for next week! 

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