Sunday, 24 November 2013

What I've Been Up To

I've been working at Idea Couture for three months now! I thought I'd share a bit about the place since I plan to go into more detail about the DIY projects I take on in later posts.  So what do I do? The short answer is I was hired to make the space prettier and more functional. How I do this changes from day to day - this coming week I'm building a new storage unit from scratch, putting together lots of IKEA furniture and meeting the co-op student with an interest in interior design who I'll be advising. Heres a collection of random pictures I took during the fall. 

Picking up orchids for the office and being vain! 
This is my lunch! Haha. I made a beef stew in the old crock pot and threw some chips on it. BAM! 

Fall decor: I painted these pumpkins and got my friend Jen who was recently hired to be an illustrator to write the letters. 

I got the vases from the dollar store and filled them with dollar store things and pine-cones. I also taped off the little pumpkins and spray painted half of them. 

I was asked to be the artistic director for a publication by IC. I'll give more details once its out! I was playing around with all the white furniture we could find to get some good arrangements for people to sit in.
The view from my desk.
Sitting on top of a bunch of ikea furniture! Right before the box slid forward and I fell on my face. Awesome.

For halloween I was Miss Frizzle. Educating the youth! 

A lot of these pictures have already been on Instagram, follow me to stay tuned.