Saturday, 18 May 2013

about me

(photo by Yuli Sato

Thank you for reading! I'm 23 and live in Toronto. I love making cocktails, thrifting, decorating, organizing and tackling DIY projects. I like to challenge myself to create things with a limited budget. Whether its painting my house, building a book case, making a cocktail, or building my various vintage collections...I like it more if it's cheap!

 The name for this blog came from a a quote I read in my horoscope this winter from NOW magazine... 

(The view from my balcony) 

"The home is not the one tame place in a world of adventure; it is the one wild place in a world of set rules and set tasks." My goal for this blog is to collect the things that inspire me and make my home a playground for testing out the things I've always wanted to try.

I have a degree in creative writing from Concordia and would love to write about food, cocktails, books, city life and decor. Please contact me at if you're interested in having me write a piece for you. 

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