Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cocktails in Cincinnati

In June, I visited my friend Sam in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I told her about my cocktail hobby, a new itinerary for my stay was formed - we were to visit Molly Wellmans three bars in the city (Japps, Neons and the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar) to try out her various cocktail menus. Every drink I had was better than the last. 

Imagine my sheer happiness, when a month later a new cocktail book peppered with recipes arrived at the store where I work written by Miss Molly Wellman herself. In the book she emphasizes making your own bitters and syrups, using freshly squeezed juice and high quality liquors to craft cocktails that are fresh with a nice balance between sweet and sour. Exactly my style. I love this book! It's got great recipes and an apparent love for Cincinnati shines through.  I truly came to appreciate this corner of Ohio while I was there and Molly's bars had a lot to do with it! 

This Before I die wall was right outside Japps. It would have been great if I'd written "go back to Japps". 

(Thanks Mike Morris for assisting with the cocktail photos!)

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