Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Creepin' Peoples Homes

This video shows the design process of Tara McMullens downtown Toronto condo designed by Tiffany Pratt and herself. I watched it sometime last winter and haven't been able to get the space out of my head. I love how simple and creative it is, especially the pops of yellow and the plants that are hanging from an old wooden ladder attached to the ceiling - such a good idea! I love that Pratt found that beautiful dining table on the curb and painted it white. I love how all the builder basic touches that came with the place were ripped out and washed white.  I want it all! 

Since I couldn't get the place out of my head, a year later, I've done some detective work. Who are these girls? McMullen is an incredible photographer...her wedding photos are hauntingly beautiful. And Pratt is a stylist/designer who approaches design, in my opinion, the way an artist would. Her spaces are unexpected, not overly designed or thought out (ex. the collage wall in Tara's space) and whimsical. Here are some pictures of her apartment featured in Rue Magazine (more pictures are on her website) and it's shot by guess who, Miss Tara McMullen. Talk about good collaborating. 

Okay, so the case has been solved and now I'm excited to see what they do next! 

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