Friday, 20 December 2013

Tipsy Holiday

Happy Holidays my friends! I for one, plan to make bad choices and have one too many. Just kidding. I did that last week. Does that stop me from buying the cocktail shaker from Target that I've had my eye on? No! My appreciation for gold bar ware is endless! I like that the glass is clear so you can see the cocktail as you're making it.  Surprisingly rare to find. 

Here are my top picks for holiday libations 

 I'll drink anything so long as they have these adorable stir sticks in them

 And anything with fig in it. What can I say! I figgin' LOVE FIGS!
Cranberry Margaritas, I've got my eye on you. 'Cause I want to drink margaritas year round. 

Classic egg nog. It would be so great to have this only in a popsicle version. Idea credit: Gwyneth Paltrow. 

And hot toddies. 

Happy drinking and have a great holiday <3

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