Sunday, 21 July 2013

What I Got: Furniture from the Curb

Do you know the online magazine Covet Garden?  Each issue features one amazing home in Toronto and the people who inhabit them. This photo is from the July/August issue. I like it because of the wooden seating under the staircase.

Why? Because I own it too! And its even more special because my brother and I found it in someone's basement covered in dirt. 

Gross eh!? Mike was walking to the hardware store and he passed a home that was undergoing a demolition. All the left over furniture was being thrown on the curb. There was a lot! He spotted some good dressers, started talking to the person in charge of the project and next thing he was invited to come in and pick anything he wanted. He called me to come and tag along. The people in the house didn't like me as much because I couldn't hide my disgust for the filth and smell of cat piss permeating the air. 

But when I saw this piece I knew it had to be mine, cat piss and all! We walked it home in the pouring rain. I cleaned it 6 times. And let it air out for about a week. 

Actually, Mike saw it first. But he let me have it because he is a very nice brother. 

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