Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Printing Photos and Feeling Grateful

Heavy flakes of snow are falling out my window right now and it's actually pretty beautiful. Today I'm going to go for a long walk with The Staves on my Ipod.  This winter has been pretty brutal weather wise but today I'm not complaining. 

In the first week of January I was on a mission to print out my photos. I spent three days compiling hundreds of pictures on a USB stick, somehow knowing I couldn't look forward until I had a chance to look back. And I'm so glad, because I got a lot out of it and its something I hope to keep forever.

The pictures made me feel really grateful. When I look at them I feel so lucky for my nice apartments over the years, all the trouble I got up to in Montreal, and the snapshots of my family and friends. I look happy. It's been an overwhelmingly happy life. It reminds me to be grateful now because even when things feel shitty, I'll look back at my photos in a few years and see how lucky I am.

Over the album, I can see my star players, the people who show up again and again. The people who are in color. The pictures reminded me to reach out and be grateful and loving towards them. It's okay that we're busier than we used to be as long as they know and I know, that we're still around.

My parents have moved away, I'm not in Montreal anymore, I work more than I play, I've developed new interests and passions, friendships and skills. Sure, I could have seen this evolution on the computer screen. But somehow, it just feel so much better to hold it in my hands, right in front of me.

I have 50 empty slots for new photos, waiting to be filled. I'm excited! What does the future hold? xx

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