Sunday, 23 February 2014

Your Favorite Ginger: Making a Cocktail for my Coworkers

I've been blabbing on about cocktails to my coworkers at Idea Couture for months now, so when we had a potluck at the office, I knew that I'd bring my cocktail A game. I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to hear them say, "This is really good!". I recently wrote an article about cocktails for Idea Couture's magazine MISC so I'll let you know when that comes out. For the potluck, I chose a cocktail that I could make in large batches and doesn't require a delicate balance of ingredients like a Manhattan.

Large Batch "Your Favorite Ginger" Cocktail
4 oz whiskey
4 oz of ginger simple syrup
top the shaker with cider
add a generous amount of fee brothers black walnut bitters (5 shakes)
garnish with candied ginger

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until its totally cold. Pour into small tasting cups and garnish with candied ginger.

5 things that are going on...

1) My nose is still swollen from a few months ago when I was vacuuming and the spout got caught under something and went flying into my face. My mom said it's because I was "cleaning angry". haha!

2) I'm seriously so excited for spring, but who isn't, right?? 

3) I'm going to start playing volleyball! I used to play in high school and now I just want to spike and serve and be stronger. 

4) I'm going to purchase a nice DSLR camera off of craigslist so I can really learn the camera inside and out and take great photos. Especially now that I want to get into doing restaurant and bar reviews. My iphone just isn't gonna cut it! 

5) This is definitely a time for change. I'm waiting to hear back for a serving job in Banff...I really want it, but I also know that so many people are being interviewed. Hopefully I'm what they are looking for! Either way, I'm moving out of my apartment in April or May...the question is, will I get another place here or pick up and go somewhere else? My heart is telling me it's time to explore. 

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