Saturday, 1 June 2013

Envisioning Eames Chairs

For months I'd been pining after these Eames chairs but I pushed the idea of ownership to the very back of my mind (they weren't in my price range and that was that). But one day, I was on my way to do a mountain of laundry, and I spotted two of the chairs in white at a garage sale. I left my hamper full of clothes with the nice folks and went to the bank to pull out some money, all the while wondering if it was a good idea (to buy the chairs, not leave my laundry with strangers). But now that I own the chairs, I couldn't be happier. They look great and add impact to every nook and cranny of my house which makes it hard to settle on where they should live. These pictures generate a few ideas...

Putting them at the head of the table is a great option considering that I just bought four vintage floral kitchen chairs from the Salvation Army this week. 

I kind of put this picture in because it is the living space of my dreams. But look! There's an Eames rocking chair right smack in the middle (of course there is!)

These chairs are so comfortable they'd make a great office seat. Although, lets be honest, I do most of my work from bed. 

One day I'd like to own an orange one. I'm getting greedy!

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