Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I Think I Need A Drink: The Hanson Brothers Do Beer

The Hanson Brothers were my first concert. I was in the 6th grade, wearing sparkly jeans and a blue crystal bracelet that I lost in the arena and quietly mourned over. I had decided after much thought and consideration that the youngest brother was my favorite since he was the closest one to my age, so there was more of a chance.

Well I grew up and started drinking and turns out they did too! These guys are on their 9th album (or something!?) Who is still listening to them? I would like to meet one person who owns their latest CD. Anyways, they've capitalized on the one song that shattered me into a million little pieces when I was in elementary school. MMMBop. Who could forget that catchy little tune? They've teamed up with Mustang Brewery in Oklahoma to put out this highly marketable IPA. Would you try it?

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