Saturday, 29 June 2013


Last Wednesday I went to the Toronto Island and now I'm hooked. Happily, I'll be going back tomorrow for a bonfire on the beach.

Despite the fact that I've been living downtown for two years where the island docks are just a bike ride away, I haven't made the short trip over once. I reasoned that it was a schlepp, not that fun, something I didn't have time for. I was wrong. Going to the island is so rewarding. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed and it's incredible to be in such a drastically different and beautiful environment without even having to leave the city. I came back to the city with the same feeling you get coming home from a great vacation. 

This wine is delicious! (And cheap!) 


Gavin and I spent some time at the beach and then went over to the Island Cafe to see Matthew Bailey and Charlotte Cornfield play a show! It was so nice. Then I rushed off to the Cameron House to see Dear Sister, a band that I recently made a cocktail in honour of! 

It's always nice to have those days when you realize you are happy to be exactly where you are.

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